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Sunday October 23rd at 1 O'clock in the Afternoon

{ Meet up, rain or shine, at the corner of Warren & Trumbull }

Come join us for the 2nd annual Tweed Ride Detroit. Now with more beer!

Started in London in 2009, Tweed Runs/Rides have quickly spread across this country
and around the world. They are a celebration of the bicycle and its heritage as a means
of transportation; the Rides also highlight the hosting city and give many of the
participants a perspective they do not usually get; but, they are most importantly about
getting outdoors, dressing up, getting together with your friends, and having a great time.

Meet us at the corner of Warren & Trumbull at 1 o'clock p.m. as we start a gentle
twenty mile ride throughout the city. We will take a break for refreshments and
libation at the excellent Tashmoo Biergarten in Detroit's West Village.
Then just to make sure our whistles stay wet, we will finish the at the Woodbridge Pub
where the proprietors are kindly offering $1.50 bottles of Pabst and Stroh's for participants of the ride.

The Ride is open to any and all (last year we even had a rider who had never been on a bicycle before),
but please try to wear some tweed or at least something with an historical feel.
Look through the links at right if you seek inspiration.

Tell your friends and enemies, and encourage them to find us on facebook!

So wax your moustache, button your Knickerbockers, pull on your argyle,
mount your velocipede, and join us for a rollicking ride!

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Designed by the incomparable Erin Ellis

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If you have any questions or comments please email us at tweed@tweedridedetroit.com, or tweedridedetroit@gmail.com.

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